53%. This is the number of women that are stressed most of the time in the United States. The radio DJ said this was great compared to India were 76% of the women are stressed out but not as good as Sweden who came in at 44%.
So my question is this….ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????
It’s good if over half of our female population is stressed out?


Those numbers are so high that means your child is most likely taught by stressed out teachers, treated by stressed out doctors and has a stressed out mother. I find this totally unacceptable and I imagine the biggest stressor for these women has something to do with money or the lack thereof. Let’s be real, money is very often the most stressful thing we deal with in our modern lives. How to earn it, how to spend it, how to save it, how to stretch it. Meals, clothing, shelter, transportation, education….all come down to how much can we afford. If we could all afford the choices that made the most sense for ourselves and our families I am certain this 53% would drop.


This number is sad, shocking, disturbing. NOT COOL. Not cool, at all.

Are you in this number?
Is that okay with you?
What are you going to do about it?

Just remember that number as you go about your day. Every other women you see is stressed about something. Be tender with her. Smile. Help her carry her groceries. Hold the door. Let her ahead of you in traffic. Buy her a latte. Pray for her.

I could not believe my ears this morning when driving Greg to summer school when the DJ rattled off the numbers and chatted with his cohost about how good we were doing as a country. Dude. Seriously? This is not good. This requires a revolution. A revolution of values, dreams being remembered AND followed, strawberries being picked, jam being made, jobs being quit, babies being held, lemonade being sipped, boats being rowed, love being made, sun being soaked in. Make a stand for yourself today! No more stress. Maybe it won’t happen overnight or maybe it will. But make a declaration that today is your day to say NO MORE! I will not tolerate this level of stress in my life. We are not equipped for this and there is no pill that can cure the ache of the human spirit that is not expressing itself. The ache of staying locked inside while the human house that it lives in wanders about in a half awake stupor going through the motions of life.


This is NOT a dress rehearsal. Confession time: I am in that number. I have been in that number for several years. It’s about money. I can’t take it anymore. Something has got to shift. I will be honest with you from here on out about what is bringing me stress, what my dreams are (even the big, crazy ones) and what I plan to do to eliminate the stress. I am committed. I know it won’t happen overnight but that’s ok. I have seen the light so I have no choice but to walk towards it now.

Here is my declaration:
24 months from now we will be financially free. Our home in Harford NY will be completely paid for. Our promises will have been paid in full. A vintage camper will be packed and ready for an adventure across the United States. We will picnic, we will take pictures, we will fish we will hike, we will REST. We will decide intentionally what we will do with the rest of our lives. We will be awake and alive.
We will not be in the 53%.


About kah8

gypsy. lover of life. travel thrills me. so do big pots of soup and staying home in my pajamas.
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